Avoid These Mistakes With Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration quincyWhen you need water damage restoration in your home in Quincy, you should call Bostonian Cleaning right away. If you put off water damage restoration, or try to do it on your own, you could find yourself making one, or all, of these common mistakes homeowners make regarding water damage.

Water Damage Restoration In Quincy

Let too much time pass before restoration begins.

Putting off water damage restoration, or waiting until you have more free time to work on it, are dangerous decisions. Damage compound the longer water is present. When left unresolved for extended amounts of time, water damage can spread and then lead to mold growth. Immediate steps need to be taken in order to identify and stop the source of the water damage, limit its spread, develop a plan to ensure thorough restoration is performed, and begin drying the water. Do not make this mistake that so many others fall victim too; instead, call for water damage restoration as soon as possible.

Trying to DIY water damage cleanup and restoration.

There are companies with trained, experienced, and licensed personnel who know how to identify the source of water, stop it, and then cleanup and restore the entire damaged area. When attempting to do it on your own, you put not only your home at risk for further damage, but also yourself in harm’s way. Without proper training, equipment, and licensing you can actually end up making things worse. Also, a company that has enough personnel to work on your home until water damage restoration is complete means that results will come sooner. You cannot devote all of your time and attention day in and day out to making sure your home’s restoration is done as quickly as possible, but we do. Let the companies who have gone through certification licensing, and years of experience take care of the entire restoration process. 

Not adequately removing the excess moisture and humidity.

When water that has seeped into materials like carpets, rugs, and even the wood baseboards or trim on your walls gets left behind, it can begin to facilitate mold growth. And without the proper advanced technology available to restoration companies, excess moisture will get locked into and left behind in your home. In just 48 hours after introduction to water, mold can grow and spread and become a serious problem. The best way to thoroughly and effectively remove all the water is with commercial grade extractors, dehumidifiers, air movers, and even thermal imaging devices to help identify areas where water may be left behind. 

Instead of falling victim to any of these mistakes, you should just let Bostonian Cleaning take care of your entire water damage restoration. We have the best equipment on the market, and our technicians are skilled, experienced, and certified to provide results that exceed expectations and produce the best results. We know how overwhelming water damage is, and how quickly that damage can escalate and spread, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency response services so we can begin restoration as soon as possible. Don’t make the above mistakes; instead, let Bostonian Cleaning take care of it all.