Bathroom Water Damage Cleanup In Your Boston Home

Water Damage Cleanup Boston MAWhile your bathroom is built to be around plenty of water, a few structural flaws and leakages can cause significant water damage. Leaks and droplets will collect as the countertop tilts forward towards the wall.  If water accumulates around the handles and faucet on a regular basis, the wall that is behind the sink may be compromised. Furthermore, water leaks behind the bathroom walls are difficult to detect. While water leakages behind walls are typically hidden, the following are usually signs of water damage behind your walls.

Water Damage Cleanup Boston MA

Paint Peeling or Bubbling

When a lot of water accumulates behind your painted walls and pools there, it stretches the paint on the wall, causing it to bubble. However, you cannot tell how much water leak is present back there at the first look. You can probably pop a minor bubble, but anything bigger than a quarter should be left to the professionals. They have the required supplies and experience to extract the stuck water without causing serious damage.

Warping Walls

Sheetrock that’s behind the sink can curve, bend, and warp if it soaks up too much water. Too much warping can cause additional damage to surrounding ceilings as well as floors. If the walls had been “square” when you relocated in, they should still be in good condition. If there is any difference, look into it further. Because water could be absorbed into flooring as well as wooden support beams, a gradual leak can cause extreme structural damage, extending and increasing the cost of the repair process.

Missing Grout and Loose Tiles

Tiles that are loose or missing imply that the tile-backing system is failing, enabling water to enter and severely damage the bond. Water can leak in between the bathroom tiles and pop them off if the sealer dries out or even cracks. Before you can begin to fix it, you should first determine the how, where, and why.

Musty Smells

When water is soaked up into porous materials such as concrete, it emits a musty odor. Mold can grow in wall cavities that have been flooded; they are dark and poorly ventilated. If you detect a humid, bathroom odor, you may have had water leaks for some time. If you notice noticeable mold on the ceilings, wall surfaces, or baseboards, it is an indication that there is moisture behind the walls.

Look For Hidden Water Leaks

Using your water meter, check for a hidden leakage. Turn off all water-using faucets as well as appliances in your household. Take note of the water meter’s usage number. Turn off all water inside and also outside the house for a few hours. If the meter shows water consumption, there is a concealed water leak.

Call The Pros

At Bostonian Cleaning, we have knowledge on how to deal with water damage restoration of all categories, sources, as well as surfaces, such as tile flooring. We are licensed and insured to provide the best professional water damage cleanup services. Contact Bostonian Cleaning to ensure the most effective water damage restoration results for your tile floors.