Drying your home or business after water damage

Water damage is not just caused by flooding, but it can be due to leaks, broken pipes, or high humidity.  Water damage can cause serious problems inside your home and can even put your family’s health at risk.  Moist and wet areas are the perfect breeding environment for bacteria and molds.

Without proper equipment and knowledge on proper drying techniques, the damp conditions can become worse and can pose several risks and challenges which can be costly, or worse, threaten your health.  That is why getting a company that offers professional water damage restoration services is a wise idea.

Repair and reconstruction of damaged areas of your home cannot take place until the structure has been completely and properly dried.  Before the structure can be dried out, standing water will need to be extracted and dehumidifiers set.  This will help to decrease the chance of mold growth and eliminate the potential health hazards that could exist in the standing water.  Water can easily creep into unseen crevices and soak into materials, the area may look dry but there can be moisture that is undetected.  This can lead to mold growth and other damages like cracked drywall and ruined subfloors. 

There are several thinks that can be done to ensure the home is completely dry before reconstruction starts:

  • Before the professionals start the homeowner can start the drying process by opening windows to promote a natural airflow.
  • A mitigation team will set up drying equipment and take moisture measurements to start the remediation process.
    • If necessary, a containment area will be set up by taping off the affected area while drying to ensure that the heat and airflow are staying in the areas that need it most.
    • Air movers(large fans) are placed in the affected area to help with air circulation.
    • Dehumidifiers, sized correctly for the room, are used to keep the environment dry.  This will help decrease the possibility of warp floors, walls, and furniture.
    • Materials that cannot be dried effectively such as insulation, molding, and wallpaper will be removed to release trapped moisture.
    • Continuous moisture readings will be taken to monitor progress.

A structural dry out is more than just removing visible water and running extracting fans.  Without the proper equipment and certified trained personnel you may increase your risk of mold and other unseen damage.

Even small amounts of water can cause extensive damage so it’s always a good idea to allow a professional mitigation team to assess the damage for you.

If experience water damage in your home or business, contact Bostonian Cleaning & Restoration at 1-800-453-7847.  We are available 24/7 and will work with you and your insurance company to get your home ready for repair.