Finding Water Damage Signs In Your Basement

water damage cleanup boston maBasements are prone to water damage from flooding, so property owners should keep a close eye on them. Rain that soaks into your house, a broken appliance, or a burst pipe burst all result in flooded basements and severe water damage. But it is not always easy to detect water damage in the basement.

Water Damage Cleanup In Boston, MA

There are a few signs to look for that can help you determine whether your basement has experienced water damage. Here are some ways to spot warning signs of water damage in the basement.

Deteriorating Materials

Building materials deteriorate when they are exposed to moisture and water. With more exposure to moisture, these materials will deteriorate and break down. As a result, it could cause flaking and peeling of the paint. These are signs of basement water damage. Therefore, pay close attention to any eroding building materials in the basement.


Cracks in your basement’s foundation, floors, and walls are a sign of concern. Not only can moisture enter through such gaps, but the cracks may also have formed due to water or ice putting pressure on the structure of your property.

Mold Development

Mold grows when the surroundings provide the necessary moisture as well as an organic food source for the spores. However, if structure materials are water-damaged, mold and mildew growth will likely occur due to the damage. Therefore, you should quickly resolve the water damage and mold growth in this case. This is because mold will continue to develop, spread, and destroy the structure of your house, and mold exposure can have adverse health effects.

Discoloration And Stains

Water damage causes staining and discoloration of walls and, in some cases, floors. Water stains are typically yellowish-brown, so if you notice such stains on the basement walls, you may have water damage. The stains and discoloration come from minerals that form when the water or moisture dries in the concrete.

Sinking Floors

A sinking floor is not always noticeable, but it is an issue. If you do start noticing such a change, this may mean that your foundation is damaged. This is a serious problem because your house would become unstable without a solid foundation including its value depleting as well.

Musty Odors

Because mold grows from moisture and water, any persisting musty odors in your basement may indicate water damage and a mold problem. In addition, mold or mildew that forms on the foundation walls will emit a pungent or musty odor that will permeate your living space.

Water in the basement is always a concern, but you shouldn’t have to deal with it alone. If your basement has sustained water damage and requires flood cleanup, contact Bostonian Cleaning for water damage cleanup in Boston. Our specialists will repair the source of the water, remove excess moisture and water, meticulously dry out your basement, restore affected objects and materials, clean and disinfect the area, eliminate any mold, and deodorize your house. Call Bostonian Cleaning today.