The Top Reasonings Behind House Fires

House fires are a dreadful reality that can occur anytime; in most cases, they are beyond your control. Therefore, it’s essential to prepare in advance so that you’re not caught off guard if it happens to you. One effective way to prepare is to understand which items or activities will likely cause a fire and how to avoid them.

Fire Damage Cleanup QuincyFire Damage Cleanup in Quincy

It’s essential to know how to prevent fires and what causes them. Below, we’ll go over each cause and how to avoid them. 


The most common reason for fire damage cleanup in homes is cooking. There are numerous reasons why cooking can go wrong, and starting fires is the most perilous. Grease fires are the primary reason why these large house fires begin. These fires usually occur when cooking oil becomes too hot, igniting flames. Most people are unaware that grease fires are entirely different from regular fires and cannot be extinguished with water. In fact, using water to put them out will only cause them to spread and intensify.


Electricity malfunctions can be extremely dangerous and may lead to fires in your home. Electrical fires are a significant cause of house fires, causing over 500 yearly deaths, according to Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI). To avoid such incidents, it’s essential to have your electrical systems checked regularly to ensure that everything is up to code and safe.

Besides malfunctions, forgetting to turn off certain electronics can also cause fires in the home, especially those that generate heat. Such items include space heaters, hair straighteners, and clothing irons. Even if you remember to turn them off, it’s crucial to remember their spatial requirements. Keeping space heaters too close to curtains or other fabrics is a significant cause of fires, as they can catch fire easily. Allow adequate space around heaters to prevent a fire.

Open Flames

Fires in homes are often caused by open flames such as smoking and candles. These can be major culprits in igniting fires if not extinguished properly. In some cases, people may even fall asleep while smoking causing lit materials to fall on carpets or curtains. It is essential to smoke outdoors to avoid such accidents. Similarly, candles should never be left unattended or placed near flammable objects. They should be permanently extinguished before leaving the room to prevent any accidents. Keeping candles out of reach of children and pets will help prevent an accidental fire.

What to do After the Event of a Fire

In the unfortunate event of a fire breaking out in your home, it can be devastating to think about the damage caused. Seeing your house go up in flames is difficult enough, and adding a cleanup can be an extra source of stress you don’t need to deal with. Bostonian Cleaning can offer valuable advice and resources to begin the fire damage cleanup process to ensure you get the job done well. A team of professionals will do their best to bring your home back to its original state by checking the integrity of your home, removing and cleaning soot and debris, and rebuilding it.