What Kinds Of Water Damage Does Insurance Cover And Exclude?

water damage restoration somerville ma, water damage cleanup somerville ma, water damage repair somerville maFor most American families, their homes represent the lion’s share of their wealth. And people recognize the need to protect this asset. At least 85-90% of homeowners in the U.S. have homeowners insurance. On average, homeowners spend almost 2% of their income on home insurance.

While it’s not a required form of coverage by the government, home insurance is typically required as a condition of having a mortgage and is very valuable in the protection it offers homeowners.

According to Bankrate.com and 2021 insurance carrier data, the average annual premium for homeowners insurance in Massachusetts is $1,307 (more than $100 monthly), based on a policy with a dwelling coverage limit of $250,000. But what do you get for this payment? Let’s take a quick look at what’s typically covered, what’s not covered, and what you can expect your insurance company to pay for.

Water Damage Restoration In Somerville MA

When Insurance DOES Cover Water Damage

Almost all standard homeowners insurance policies cover “sudden and accidental” water damage inside the property. This is usually caused by an unforeseen and unpreventable problem, like a burst water heater or a ruptured pipe. In these instances, your insurance company will likely cover the cost to dry and repair your property:

  • Pipe breaks or bursts
  • Malfunctioning appliances, like water heaters, dishwashers, or washing machines flooding your house
  • Toilet overflows or water back-ups from a sump pump or sewer line within the property
  • Falling rain water
  • Ice dams and roof leaks
  • Plumbing or water leaks that are quickly discovered and addressed

When Insurance Doesn’t Cover Water Damage

Most insurance companies will deny your claim if the water damage was a result of “gradual damage”, negligence, or external water sources entering your property:

  • Gradual damage from an on-going leak or water seepage from a crack in the foundation
  • Damage from poor maintenance, negligence, or wear and tear
  • The cost of plumbing repairs or replacement
  • External rising water (floods, river overflows, hurricanes, etc.)
  • Back ups from a sewer line, drain, or sump pump outside of your property

Some insurers might cover hidden gradual damage or water leaks; gradual damage means damage that results from the “gradual release of water over an extended period of time”. For example, if a visibly leaking dishwasher damaged your home over the course of a few months, your insurance company might not accept your claim.In some instances, providers will accept your claim as long as you address the situation quickly and it isn’t a clear result of negligence. The common thread is that you need to get the water damage restoration experts at Bostonian Cleaning and Restoration on site ASAP to help you protect your investment. 

For Water Damage Restoration In Somerville

If you’re not sure whether your insurance will cover water damage caused by a leaky pipe or appliance, review the exclusions and exact wording of your policy with your insurance agent. And trust that our water damage restoration experts have years of experience successfully working with insurance companies in Massachusetts. 

By working directly with your insurance company, our water damage restoration experts will  minimize your stress and during this period. For over three decades Bostonian Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. has been dedicated to providing individuals, businesses, and insurance companies with the highest quality and most reliable restorative services available in the Boston and New England area. 

Bostonian is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any water damage restoration emergency situation affecting your home. Managing a disaster in a timely manner can often prevent further damage and allow you to more promptly return to your pre-disaster condition.