Your Sprinklers Could Cause Water Damage To Your Home

water damage cleanup boston maAs the weather begins to warm up, plants and greenery start to come back in full swing. As your lawn starts to spring back, you likely will want to take great care in making sure your lawn looks its best. Sprinklers are one of the most essential tools homeowners use to keep their lawns and gardens watered. However, as you begin using more water, the higher chances of your home being affected by water damage. Anything that uses water on your property has the possibility of causing water damage. The ongoing use of your sprinkler system can cause damage to both the interior and exterior of your home due to a number of factors. The last thing you want to deal with this spring is water damage, so taking preventative measures is essential to avoid it happening to you.

Water Damage Cleanup – Boston, MA

Sprinklers are installed in your yard to make maintenance more manageable and not cause water damage. It isn’t common knowledge that they can, so how does it happen? Anything from mechanical mistakes to human error can happen, but no matter the source, it will cause severe issues for your home, and water damage cleanup can cost a lot. Here is a list of potential problems sprinklers can cause.

Burst Pipes

The vast problem you could run into with your sprinklers is bursting supply pipes. The sprinkler system is generally linked to your home’s water line, so a burst can quickly flood the inside of your home or create sinking areas in your yard. Pipes can burst for a multitude of reasons. One common reason is that they were not adequately winterized for the cold weather. As the cold weather comes around in the fall and the ground freezes, any water left inside sprinklers and irrigation systems can begin to freeze. 

When the water turns to ice, it expands, leading to pressure on the sprinkler lines. Cracks, bursts, and other damage are caused by this frozen water inside the sprinkler pipes. Make sure to keep up with the age of your sprinkler system. If they deteriorate too much, pipes will become more likely to burst. Other elements could burst the pipes, such as shifting soil, roots from trees growing too close to pipes, and the use of tools too close to the pipes. 

Improper Installation

An improperly installed sprinkler system can wreak havoc on your home and property. The irrigation system provides water to each area in your garden through underground pipes. However, if these pipes aren’t correctly installed, they could run too close to the foundation and start to leak. Any failed connections or properly constructed elements can break easily, leaving you with a broken sprinkler system and a flooded basement.


Overspray is another fairly common reason for water damage on your home’s exterior and interior. It’s essential to ensure your sprinkler heads are in complete working order before you set them on timers to run in the morning and nighttime. You don’t want any water hitting the side of your home, as it can lead to mold growth and water seeping into the foundation. 

Though you can take preventative measures to avoid water damage, sometimes it is unavoidable. Accidents happen, and you cannot control nature. Because of that, there are water damage cleanup companies like Bostonian Cleaning to assist you. They will ensure to eliminate any water damage and bring your home back to how you remember it.